Kickstarter Post #4- “Bonus Core Set”

Kickstarter Post #4- “Bonus Core Set”

Bonus Core Set

As part of an effort to make the pledges easier to understand, we’ve increased the amount of content you’ll receive at the $25-$100 tiers (including the $20 early bird), beyond what is listed on the sidebar of the Kickstarter page.


We also made a new graphic to help clarify what you get from your pledge during the Closed Beta and what you can use :


If you see any way in which we could clarify this even more, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Read more about pledges on our Kickstarter page.

In our next update we will go deeper into our project planning so that you can see our timeline from Alpha to Closed Beta to Open Beta and beyond.

Featured Artists

Artist: Eko Puteh Handriyanto
Location: Indonesia
About: Eko started art young, learning traditional media. As time went on he moved on to 2D and 3D digital media which he continues to create and enjoy. Eko has worked for many other great game companies to date, and his artwork has great use of saturated color, clear contrast and outlining that creates a polished yet slightly cartoonish feel.

“Coalition Trio” Concept Art

Artist: Dmitry Vishnevsky
Location: Russia
Creative: Dmitry has a unique talent to create work that is, at times, dark and suggestive, leaving you feeling at once both empty and fulfilled. He also makes videos that show him combining segments of other artwork together to form really beautiful collages. Watch the following video for an example of his process:

Vishnevsky_Concept16Asteroid Card Art

Kickstarters We Like

Voidrunner captivated us instantly with its insanely beautiful, sci-fi environments. It’s a combat racing game that has you flying across planets, through space, and more. The team at Reality Art Studio wanted to recreate the epic flight scenes of the movies they enjoy. As an added feature, Voidrunner has already been Greenlit on Steam.