Kickstarter Post #14- “1 Week Left”

Kickstarter Post #14- “1 Week Left”

Hello everyone,

We had a great recent AMA on MagicTCG, with plenty of interesting questions.

We’ve also got another preview up on Geek Dad:

“I was genuinely impressed by the strategic depth afforded in a game that was completed in just half an hour.“

State of the Kickstarter

Today we’d like to talk about our plans for the Kickstarter and moving forward. With 1 week left, it’s unlikely we will be funded in time. However, this certainly doesn’t mean we’re giving up! We here at NeoCrux would like to see this through and would love to have you with us. 🙂

We’ve had only positive press reviews and nearly everyone we’ve shown the game to has loved it. Our confidence in the product itself couldn’t be higher right now, but we realize certain elements were missing or not communicated well enough on our Kickstarter. We’d love to learn from you what you think we could have done better, so we are preparing a survey for you to complete over the next week.

Funded or not, as a backer you will receive   exclusive, backer-only updates on the game well after the Kickstarter has ended. You’ll get first-dibs on news and exclusive offers as we move forward. Tell your friends to jump in too so they don’t miss out!

On our next update we’ll talk about our future plans. Thank you for your support!

Featured Artists

Artist: Leif Dahl
Location: United States
About: Leif is inspired by physical 3D puzzles and the art style of video games such as Guild Wars. This led him to pursue a career of 3D modeling. Leif welcomed the challenge to capture the beauty and essence of the ship concept art to create his final 3D models and textures for GalaCollider.

“Coalition Dreadnaught” being Created

Artist: Drew Hoffman
Location: United States
About: Drew was our initial art director and helped to design and define our minimal visual style seen through our materials.

Early UI Concept

Kickstarters We Like

Legacy of the Elder Star is a fast paced, frantic, arcade style shooter that integrates a ton of new mechanics and strategy to the genre. In this sci-fi destruction game you control the game only with the mouse. Motions you make are swift and deadly, destroying enemies you collide with. You have to check out this game in motion, it’s awesome!

2015-09-17 12_57_59-Legacy of the Elder Star by Kickbomb Entertainment — Kickstarter