Kickstarter Post #12- “Single Player Mode Plans”

Kickstarter Post #12- “Single Player Mode Plans”

Hi everyone,

We’re nearly to 250 backers! As always, thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to everyone here working on GalaCollider.

Reddit Reminder

Don’t forget that this Sunday from 12pm – 1pm Pacific, GalaCollider board members George Skaff Elias and Stephan Brissaud will talk about their experience working in games on the MTG subreddit. We’ll create the thread about an hour in advance so you can ask questions and upvote the ones you want most to be answered.


This weekend we’ll be running tournaments with a couple of players of Tyrant Unleashed and the guild Raging Primates. If you’d like to run a tournament as well, reach out to us! We’d be happy to provide tournament support as well as prizes! (because what fun would be a tournament without prizes!)

Improving Our Campaign

We’d like to reach out to you, our fans, and ask if you have any ideas on how to improve our Kickstarter. Whether that’s discussing a certain mechanic more, reworking some of our Kickstarter description, or suggesting people we can reach out to cover us, we’d love to hear your ideas!

We’ve had some questions about single player mode, we respect that a good number of you see this as an important aspect of a (4X) Strategy game. So I thought today we could go a bit deeper into the plans.

Copy of Parker_SpaceColony

One of our near term goals is to ensure that the game has a solid tutorial mode. This will guide you through the various abilities and core mechanics of the game.

With no dice involved, it makes puzzles a viable option. We would like to pick a few of your brain cells apart with a series of interesting puzzles aimed at teaching you key mechanics of the game.

In parallel, we will build an AI to control neutral enemies like pirates, monsters and independant micronations.

Once the baseline AI is done, the next step is to add raids and survival missions. These can be solo missions, or ones that you undertake with your friends cooperatively. We will release these as part of our commitment to offer ongoing events, but we may also release them as solo-content packs for you to enjoy and explore.

Copy of Connett_Sunrise

Beyond the single player experience, our game’s multiplayer experience will be both competitive as well as story-driven. New events will require you to adapt to new maps and to accomplish missions both on your own as well as together teams of other players. Your results will then directly drive the story as well as future content released in the game.

Our goal is to ensure that whether you chose to play GalaCollider on your own, competitively or with your friends, you will find it a rich and rewarding experience to enjoy.

Featured Artist

Artist: Alex Drummond
Location: Australia
About: Alex has created concept art for some of GalaCollider’s 3D ships, in addition to artwork that is shown on the actual cards. Alex has worked with game companies such as Microsoft and Marvel, and was a senior concept artist at THQ. He enjoys sci-fi, from gritty cyberpunk to high space opera. Even though he is working with the latest technology, his art technique and style is still very traditional.

“Sylith Dreadnaught” Concept Art

In his home studio he works for clients all over the world on books, film, TV ads, and pitch materials. As long as he is painting for good clients and working on interesting jobs, that’s all he needs to be happy. He looks forward to each day if he is drawing and realizing an idea.

Alex Drummond in his Studio

“Ground Support” Card Art

Kickstarters We Like

Lux is a gorgeous superhero horror comic book, featuring a young girl named Leora. Leora’s had a difficult life, but luckily she’s comforted by a soothing voice that only she can hear (a little bit creepy)! “Leora learns about her true potential and the ancient evil that threatens all life on the planet.” We met the team at PAX this year and were incredibly impressed by their project. We hope you are too!