Kickstarter Post #11- “Reddit AMA this Sunday”

Kickstarter Post #11- “Reddit AMA this Sunday”

Hi everyone,

We’d like to extend a special welcome to all our new backers who discovered us today from Divinity’s Kickstarter Update. We’re now over $20k and have over 240 backers!

Reddit AMA

Mark your calendars because this Sunday, Sept. 20th, two of GalaCollider’s board members will be on the Magic: The Gathering subreddit giving an AMA about their experiences working on games.

George Skaff Elias, former VP and Stephan Brissaud, former event manager / senior buyer both for Wizards of the Coast, will be there from 12pm to 1pm Pacific time to answer all of your questions. Not to miss!

New live game recordings

We’ve been quite active on our twitch channel:

Every Tuesday at 2pm Pacific you can join us to chat about the game, ask us questions and even play us! We also play at other times randomly when we can. Subscribe to our twitch channel to keep informed when we go live next!

You can also tweet us directly @neocruxgaming if you want to challenge Sebastian the game designer or Trevor the game developer. We’d be more than happy to play and show you the game some time.

If you’ve missed some of our recent games and you want to watch them, here are some of our recordings from the last week:


Game 6 – Medium map with some exciting build up, tech purchases and dramatic reversals.

Game 5 – Small map, close level game, a single error can cost you the match.

Game 4 – Small map, the importance of scouting your opponent and thinking through your attacks!

Online Deckbuilder


We’ve been making solid progress on a new webtool. GalaColliderDB will let you browse all the cards currently in the game, make decks, share them, comment and even export them into readable text files. We’ve been working off of a fork from ‘s great opensource deck builder code. You may know him from the work he has done on deck builders like: and

We will keep you up to date on the progress we are having with it. When the time is right you’ll also be able to see future spoiled cards here too! We’re hoping all our players will enjoy it, value it as a strong resource and maybe even help shape its future (it’s open source after all).

Featured Artist

Artist: Sebastien Hue
Location: France
About: Sebastien has created artwork that is being used on GalaCollider’s cards. He takes his inspiration from sci-fi movies and books.

Sebastien Hue in his Studio

He enjoys the futuristic technological side of the genre because he feels it gives him a lot of possibilities to create and use his imagination.

“Mios-1” Development Card Art

He really likes the space and galactic side of things too as he’s very interested in what could exist in other galaxies.

Shot Breakdown

He self taught himself digital painting, initially starting with Photoshop. Early on he created logos for music bands and eventually got into CG graphics.

The art for many sectors in one…

He always feels the need to create and imagine. When he does it puts him in a good place. Sebastien is particularly skilled at imagining spectacular landscapes.

Kickstarters We Like

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