Kickstarter Post #10- “The Leviathans”

Kickstarter Post #10- “The Leviathans”

Hello everyone,

We’re almost to $20k! Thank you all for your continued support, it means so much to us! We’ve got two weeks to spread the word and get as much press and public awareness brewing as possible. Let’s break the $20,000 barrier and continue to build support up for the project! We might still be far from $70,000 but anything is still possible.

Today we have Trevor again here to talk about some of his favorite cards in demo deck. Come and see these cards in action by downloading the demo and playing a game.

Card Spotlight

Hiya, Trevor here again and I’m here to talk about some GalaCollider cards today. In particular, I will be focusing on some of the powerful Dreadnaughts used by the Coalition faction. So let’s take a look, shall we?

kesteron(Clone)The coalition coreworld, Kesteron, makes Dreadnaughts quite scary.

Dreadnaughts are the most expensive ships in GalaCollider and, as a result, they tend to have the highest attack and hull of the ships in the game. They take up a lot of command which limits how many of these ships you can have in a given sector and cost a lot of energy to move each turn.  As such, it’s important you pick and choose when to play these powerful ships carefully.

card_human_oracle(Clone)Kujata is common among the various sapien fleets

The Kujata is an early game tech 1 dreadnaught that the Coalition will lean on in the early game to control key areas of conflict. They can be used well both on defense to hold an area with their massive 5 attack and ability to retaliate for 1 on any ships that attack it. Conversely, the bombard ability will allow them to harass enemy planets. You will typically want these ships as close to the front lines as possible!

human_techdeck_hell(Clone)Guaranteed to rain hell on your opposition!

The tech 2 Hellfire Dreadnaught must be purchased from your techpool before you can play it. It’s definitely worth the cost, however, as it is an even more powerful Dreadnaught than the Kujata. It has 1 less attack, but in return it gets more bombs, more retaliation, and the ability to invade. Invading sectors is how you take sectors away from your opponent so you can use these behemoths to win the game directly. The Coalition have less invasion options than the Sylith and this makes this card even more attractive. Dreadnaughts like to carry you to victory.

human_techdeck_coa_ship_cetus(Clone)The Cetus is one big Ship. Beware.

The tech 3 Dreadnaught, Cetus, is the strongest Dreadnaught currently available to the Coalition. It costs 8 research to buy but it is worth the price! It has an absurd hull clocking in at 15, the ability to fire at multiple ships a turn for 3 damage each, and prevents opposing ships in a sector from fleeing with the pin! Use this ship when your opponent is fielding multiple smaller ships at a time, or in combination with damage augmenting effects to increase the strength of your ship’s attack. The Cetus is a Dreadnaught that will both force fights AND win them for you.

That wraps it up for our Coalition Dreadnaught card spotlight. I hope you liked what you see! Even more powerful ships await if you back the game today! Your support is greatly appreciated. This is Trevor signing out.

Featured Artists

Artist: Leonardo Peñaranda
Location: Germany
About: Even though Leonardo has been creating art since an early age, he never saw it as a profession until he finished his degree in Industrial Design. It was his dream to work in the video game industry. He enjoys working on GalaCollider since it has so many sci-fi elements to it while still retaining realism, like it could exist in this world, being more than just fantasy.

Sylith Cruiser 3D Model

Artist: Amanda Kiefer
Location: United States

SylithElder_SebEditSylith Elder Concept Art

Artist: Neil MacCormack
Location: Switzerland


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