Update August 19th, 2015

Update August 19th, 2015

Less than a week to Kickstarter!

This is the big headline, we’ve got it all ready to go. Press releases, articles, videos, some promotions and advertising. We’re ready to roll into the big one!

This is your last chances to sign up for the newsletter, signing up will get you $5 in credit plus you’ll get an email on day-1 of our Kickstarter. If you sign up after the KS begins, you won’t get $5 anymore in bonus… so don’t miss out.


Our Thunderclap is up to 113 supporters, but we can do even better! If you haven’t yet, please click this link to thunderclap and then click the Facebook or Twitter button. You don’t need to log in, you don’t have to pay anything, all thunderclap does is post, with your permission, a message about our Kickstarter to your Facebook or Twitter page on the day that we launch. The more of us that post on day-1 the better cause then we have a better shot at trending on twitter and Kickstarter itself!

PAX Prime

GalaCollider - Roll up banner
This is our roll up banner we made for PAX, it stands tall at around 6 feet.

PAX is coming up really fast, we will be at the Foam Brain booth this year doing demos and interview. Come check us out! We’ve got new fliers and a roll-up banner on the way for the event. Amy and Jonathan will be there with Sebastian and a couple of laptops and an iPad to show you the game first-hand and let you play.

Game progress

We’re making excellent progress with development, but we are certainly feeling the pressure for PAX coming up! Every week we add in more features, more enhancements, better graphics and improved gameplay balance… but at a certain point, all the smaller bugs will be resolved and we will begin a new round of playtesting and pre-release exposure to youtubers, twitch streamers and the press.

The game is really coming into its own: the feedback we are getting is very positive and I know that I’m already addicted to it – which is a good sign. I can’t actually play it as much as I would like to! (like all the time)

We’ve got many more game recordings planned, both for the Kickstarter as well as strategy commentaries, and invitationals.

Art progress

Each week we’ve got another one to two ships completed as Rafael is still on a roll. Here is a new bomber-frigate for the Sylith he has modeled and test rendered:

Sylith test render Bomber-Frigate

And a light flexible Strike craft:

Sit back, relax

And enjoy the star jump over to Kickstarter! Next time we meet on the following Wednesday the Kickstarter will have just begun and many of us will be traveling to PAX! Thank you once again for your continued interest and for being with us on this journey. The real fun is about to begin.