Kickstarter Post #2- “Building Momentum and Visiting PAX!”

Kickstarter Post #2- “Building Momentum and Visiting PAX!”

Hello galactic conquerors,

Our Kickstarter campaign continues to be off to a great start! We are on our third day now, and, at the time of writing this post, we are 20% funded and have over 100 backers!

We’ve got a couple of reviews from press and YouTubers to share with you as well as announcing where you can find us at PAX this weekend.



Edd Harding of Video Game Almanac wrote a glowing preview of GalaCollider. It seems we have converted him over to card games. 🙂

“I’ll admit, prior to playing GalaCollider, I did wonder what made people play these card games so frequently, […] [but] within the first five minutes of our first match I was enthralled.”

Read the full article on the VG Almanac site.

Trevor and Nina also demoed GalaCollider to YouTuber Panzer yesterday and the recording of it is now up on YouTube. It gives a more in depth view of how to play the game and answers some questions about the design. Check it out on his channel and subscribe to him!

Come See Us at PAX


We’re excited to announce that Amy, Jonathan, and Sebastian are getting the word out, showing off the game and talking with the press all weekend during PAX at the Foam Brain Games Booth #6512! If you are interested in a first hand look and you want to arrange a meeting let us know. The Foam Brain booth is in the board game section of PAX. Keep an eye out for this beautiful sign.


If you’re going to the con stop by and say hi! We will be happy to meet some fans and answer any questions you might have.

Featured Artists

Artist: Maciej Drabik
Location: Poland
About: Maciej specializes in designing environments, creating interesting architecture and mood. He is most passionate about science fiction, post apocalyptic and cyberpunk vibes.

“Mining Station” Card Art


Artist: Christian Quinot “Cloud”
Location: Philippines

“Sylith Warrior” Concept Art

Kickstarters We Like

GRIP is a fantastic futuristic combat racing game developed by Caged Element, coming to Steam Early Access. They were a Kickstarter earlier this week, but have shifted their campaign to their website where you can get all the same rewards and pledges. As a huge fan of high speed racing games like F-Zero, we’re really excited to see this project come to light.



Thank you for your continued support of GalaCollider! For years, it’s been our dream to make this game a reality and push it to it’s biggest potential. As a small indie team, it’s exciting to get to directly interact with our fans and see everyone be so supportive of us. We’re glad you’re along for the ride!


the GalaCollider team