Meet The Team – Lorcan O’Shanahan


About: I’m an Irish born, half Spanish hybrid graphic designer and motion graphics artist with thirst for understanding the world around me and the people in it. When Im not listening to audiobooks on physiology or the creative process, You may find me at home rewatching some of Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on Neuroscience & Behavioral Evolution. My background in Interface design comes from having worked on couple of features like Enders Game, Extraterrestrials, and most recently on the TV series Continuum. These afforded me the opportunity to experience two very different pipelines for mass production of screen design and fast paced animation output which ultimately brought about enough confidence to go freelance as of last year.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Sebastian and the entire crew have really amazed me with the level of focus and energy they bring to the project. At first I was excited to be working on my first real Kickstarted and sci-fi video Game, but after a couple of weeks onboard I really saw fire and passion I hadn’t seen before. Love it.

What inspires you?: I can’t say im not influenced, we all are, by literally everything we come in contact through any of our senses. My eyes are definitely a source, be it scifi movies, tumblr blogs, or other peoples work I like, If I see it and I like it chances are that it will somehow end up appearing in my work that day… Music is also hugely important for my process, Im constantly scouring Soundcloud feeds for the next tune to add to my collection of music.

What is your current gaming obsession?: The last game that I really lost myself in was ‘Journey‘. There was something magical about it, maybe the fact it didn’t have any text, instructions, or voice over to explain the narrative. Just a beautifully crafted journey of self discovery.

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