Gen Con 2015!

Gen Con is the longest-running and best-attended tabletop-gaming convention in the world. Sebastian and Nina from the team are there this week, we’d love to say hello and have you check out GalaCollider. They’ll be there the entire length, July 30th-August 2nd. If you’re around, send an email to “outreach [at] neocrux [dot] com” to schedule a demo or interview.

Sebastian waits in anticipation as Gen Con gets setup!

Meet The Team – Roberto Casas


Name: Roberto Casas

Role: Marketing

About: I’m a mix of two very different cultures (Swedish and Colombian). I have a diverse background (trained as a Veterinarian) and dedicated to Marketing the last 18 years of my life. I am an avid reader (when there is time) and always trying to stay up to date with the latest consumer trends.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The unique idea of combining card games and 4X, the incredible graphics, and most of all, the creative force of the whole team.

What inspires you?: The thought that our mind has an endless capacity of creating ideas.

What is your current gaming obsession?: My 15 months-old daughter. Just now she is a fast growing tornado that keeps e (and the rest of the family really busy)

Update, July 22nd 2015

Kickstarter update

Our Kickstarter (KS) video is well on target and we just went over the first draft of it this week. It’s looking really nice! We can’t wait to show it to you. As of today we are exactly 4 weeks from our currently planned KS launch date: August 19th.

(note that we might move this date back a week or two if we need to!)

This is both really exciting and daunting at the same time! We’ve been working really hard on this game for what seems like forever and the moment of truth is now rapidly approaching.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for our newsletter on our home page. We will send you a note when our KS is live and if you sign up before August 19th we will also put you on our bonus list. Everyone on our bonus list will get $5 in-game credit plus a bonus Core World card for signing up before the KS! So stop reading, sign up and then keep going. 😉

Product shots

In anticipation of the KS we’ve been finalizing things like our card-packs, deck boxes and so forth, here are some draft versions for them:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.23.49 AM

Card Spoilers?

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.05.05 PMWe are going to share card spoilers during our Kickstarter campaign on other websites that are interested in sharing content.

Do you run a blog or a website about games? Are you interested in us giving you a card spoiler to post on your website to get traffic and more fans? Contact us.

More artists

Adam Sondel joined our family this past week. Here is an example of his work:

Adam Sondel

Coding, testing, press and tournaments

Otherwise, a lot is going on all over the place: Chris and Omari coding away the final features for Beta 2, a busy test team cracking bugs, and a team-tournament planned to run next week where we all get to play Beta2 competitively before the press does. Press releases have begun, games with the press are being scheduled and we should know in the next week or so if our August 19th KS date is solid or if we might need to move it back a week or two.

Press kits

Are you from the press? Would you like a press kit? Would you like to schedule a demo of the game? Let us know!

Pricing model

There really aren’t many digital card games out there that are of the non-Collectible kind. Currently if you want the depth of a collectible card game, but you don’t want to hunt random cards, you mainly have to go for physical card games; like Android: Netrunner, Star Wars: the Card game, and Game of Thrones.

Instead, we are bringing the cost-predictable game to you, delivered to your desktop or portable device.

What is unique though, is that we are also accommodating the Free-to-Play (F2P) players. It is important to us that the game permit everyone to participate, irregardless of their funds.

Most F2P games survive because of the small 2-10% of the player base that drops money into its game. By making them collectible games, they need the collectors – who want all the cards – to spend large amount of money, thereby supporting the F2P player base. This is why most digital card games are collectible (random rewards) and not expandable (predetermined).

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.41.49 PMOur solution to this, ultimately, is to cut up our releases into multi-mini-packs that can be acquired separately. We will offer you several packs for each faction, each release. These mini packs we are calling X-Packs (X for eXpansion). Each X-Pack contain 15 cards ready for deck building: 3 copies of 5 unique cards. You will always be able to look at all the cards in an X-Pack before you buy it. So there is no guessing or random draws.

F2P players will be able to grab packs through the credit they earn by playing, but not all of them. This means that F2P players will need to select packs that they think are either fun, or from deck lists that they want to combine to create tier-1 (tournament winning) decks.

The end result is that buying content in our game shouldn’t net you more than it would to keep up with your favorite paper-expandable game (similar to the above aforementioned LCG™s fom FFG®), while still enabling F2P players with a means to play competitively (by picking their earned-packs wisely).

Closing thoughts

It is now definitely “crunch time”. We have a pretty tight schedule to hit the 19th and everyone on this big project is doing a really great job to make this happen. This project has become very substantial in such a short amount of time, we’ve all been pouring our souls into it for such a long time, all for one big Kickstarter splash. We all really hope you will love what we have put together and will support us to supply you with what we envision to be an extremely captivating, engaging, evolving, deep strategy game.

Thanks again for reading this, your continued interest inspires us.

Meet the Team – Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Name: Sam Watson

Role: Composer / Sound Designer

About: I have been a freelance composer, sound designer, and audio engineer for television and film for the last 16 years. I’ve been lucky enough to circle the globe via work and have met some amazing people as a result. My love for sound was obvious from the start when I won the 3rd grade science fair for a project on the property of sound. Some of my favorite experiences were documenting BB King’s life story, working on a film for Habitat for Humanity on five continents, and a kids’ music education TV show called Lomax the Hound of music for which our audio team was Emmy nominated. My last big project was writing the score for the teen adventure creature-feature Big Bad.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love that it blends the old familiar card game with the 4x space conquest approach. The randomness in the cards helps keep the game fresh and ensure that no two games are ever the same. Plus it features true head-to-head playability which is always the most fun. (I’ve always enjoyed games like chess, poker, & Risk). Galacollider is very much a thinking & strategy game at the highest level!

What inspires you?: I find inspiration in everything from the piano works of Maurice Ravel, to books on the the mathematical jokes hidden in the Simpsons, to a walk down a city street. The human mind is an amazing filter for creating order and inspiration out of seeming chaos.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Galacollider of course! By the time I am done working, practicing (guitar, piano or cello) and wrangling our three kids it doesn’t leave too much other time! Although I really look forward to Sea of Thieves when it lands.

Learn more about Sam: and

Update, July 15th 2015

GenCon 2015

We’ll be at GenCon soon! We’re promoting GalaCollider during the Con, 7/30-8/2. If you want to meet us there, make sure you reach out to us on twitter:

Yesterday we sent off for biz cards and postcards, here is what they look like:



New smaller cards are coming to the game. There will be two sizes for cards now. When you are not seeing the larger card size you will instead see it in the “Micro Format”. Which is 50% of the large card size. We’ve redesigned the cards to look sharp and crisp at this scale. Below are some design templates, the card text on these templates should be ignored. They are just meant to illustrate the new look of the cards when small:

mico_core mico_dev mico_ops  mico_ship

New Artists

This last week we added several new artists to our family, here are some of them:









Pre-release tournaments

Our team is scheduling pre-release tournaments right now with various press and avid gamers from other circles. If you have a group of people from a league or community of some kind, and you would also like to play our game in its pre-release state, let us know and we might be able to hook you up.

Logo Intro 99% done

Our intro logo animation is basically done and looking mega sweet as it gets a final few touch-ups. Here is a frame from our video:


Thanks again for continuing to follow our weekly updates! KickStarter is getting closer and closer and we can’t wait to unveil it all to you.

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Header image by

Meet The Team – Lorcan O’Shanahan


About: I’m an Irish born, half Spanish hybrid graphic designer and motion graphics artist with thirst for understanding the world around me and the people in it. When Im not listening to audiobooks on physiology or the creative process, You may find me at home rewatching some of Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on Neuroscience & Behavioral Evolution. My background in Interface design comes from having worked on couple of features like Enders Game, Extraterrestrials, and most recently on the TV series Continuum. These afforded me the opportunity to experience two very different pipelines for mass production of screen design and fast paced animation output which ultimately brought about enough confidence to go freelance as of last year.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Sebastian and the entire crew have really amazed me with the level of focus and energy they bring to the project. At first I was excited to be working on my first real Kickstarted and sci-fi video Game, but after a couple of weeks onboard I really saw fire and passion I hadn’t seen before. Love it.

What inspires you?: I can’t say im not influenced, we all are, by literally everything we come in contact through any of our senses. My eyes are definitely a source, be it scifi movies, tumblr blogs, or other peoples work I like, If I see it and I like it chances are that it will somehow end up appearing in my work that day… Music is also hugely important for my process, Im constantly scouring Soundcloud feeds for the next tune to add to my collection of music.

What is your current gaming obsession?: The last game that I really lost myself in was ‘Journey‘. There was something magical about it, maybe the fact it didn’t have any text, instructions, or voice over to explain the narrative. Just a beautifully crafted journey of self discovery.

Learn more about Lorcan:

Update July 8th, 2015

BETA2 Progress

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.58.54 AM

This week we got our testers migrated from Beta1 to Beta2. Code has also been written to allow players to select the preset map they want to duel on, and which deck they want to play. We’ve also enhanced the HUD text sizes for many items and begun a great big UI enhancement on the entire cards-in-hand UI and card targeting system. Things are currently on track to have Beta2 ready for bug-testing by July 20th.

3D modeling progress

Here is a little video showing the modular parts from last week, but all laid out in a row with player-colors:

Our Sylith Cruiser is now also done and the Coalition Dreadnaught is getting very close to complete. We are just working now on the texturing of its modular parts. Work is now beginning on new 3D models for the game of which the humble Colony ship is next.

ingame_2 update_4

New homepage

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.51.33 AMOur new homepage is up! This is the direction the entire site will go in, and keep improving over time. This isn’t our final look but I hope you will agree it is already much better. Our newsletter is more prominent on the front page, since email signups are a really important way for us to ensure that we have a successful Kickstarter (KS). If you don’t sign up, how will you know when our campaign begins? Will you forget about us? We hope not. To sweeten the deal, those people who sign up before the KS will also get bonus content and more in-game money for doing so. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 signup here.


This week we added 5 new contributing artists to our community. We also got some final artwork from Alex Drummond (you can see one of his images in the title of this post). Another image of his is this concept art piece for a Sylith Dreadnaught below. Inside the dome is a revered ancient Tree:

By Alex Drummond.
By Alex Drummond.


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.54.21 AMOur facebook page is on fire, we are getting about 100 likes a week right now and rapidly approaching 1,000! Thank you to everyone who is sharing and promoting our game! If you haven’t joined the party, sign up on our facebook page. There, we post great videos, team profiles and eventually we’ll also post exclusive or limited time offers.

Meet The Team – Drew Hoffman


Role: UI design and initial Art Direction

About: I am an Art Director & Designer from Orange County, CA that specializes in creating visuals for web and screen. My main focus has always been the usability of a product first and the visuals second. I love to snowboard and all things Japanese. In my free time I am usually watching movies, playing games or spend time with my 5 year old daughter, Lucy.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Two things….first is that it’s sci-fi overload for me. I have been taking in so much sci-fi content over the past few months and I still can’t get enough. It was bad before but now it’s just atrocious. The second is that with a project like this you really get to explore and try a lot of different things. Different inspiration. Different user flows. Different processes. It is really unlike anything I have worked on. Just being able to surround myself and work on the things I love is the best part of GalaCollider.

What inspires you?: Movies. Architecture. People. Japan. Music. It’s hard to say really because inspiration does not come from a list of sources, you really can draw inspiration from just about anything and anywhere. I would have to say that two common threads throughout my life has been music and taking trips to the mountains.

What is your current gaming obsession?: It’s difficult to make time for games these days so lately I have been playing short games that don’t suck that much time out of my week. I love playing hearthstone and lately I have been addicted to Tsum Tusm. It’s completely different than my usual style of game and I think that’s why I can’t get enough. I also just started playing Shadows of Mordor and Alien: Isolation but it will be a while before I play those out.

Learn more about Drew:

Modules and Battles

Today we are going to combine a blog post and a video together. We’ve hinted at ship modules but haven’t really gone too deeply into them yet.


Syl_Ship_Stinger_miniEach ship can have up to 3 modules, though most will only start with 2 or less already installed. Over the course of a game you will be able to modify the modules on your ships, or to increase their values.

If you add or change a ship’s module set, then all copies of that ship on the board, but also still in your deck and hand adapt and reflect the Mods you apply to them, they are not lost when the ship is destroyed.

We have a zillion modules planned for the game, but you have to start somewhere, below is our current list of modules that are being playtested:

Module list


There is a wide variety of module types from invasion, colonization and bombardment to mess up planets. To weaponry armaments that give you bonus damage vs. certain sized enemy ships, multi-shots, the ability to pin-down enemy ships to prevent them from escaping, planetary economic harassment, efficient energy consumption and counter-attack batteries.

Free build is a module that will let you build the ship on any friendly sector, even when there isn’t a shipyard. These could be small scout-type vessels, meant to bluff as threats or to explore the deeper territories of the map, or they could be fully capable battleships, whose price tag is inflated by their flexible nature to be built anywhere.

Each faction will have a propensity for some modules more than others, and some modules may even be unique to one faction all together.

Battle in action

Here is a sample battle turn, the Sylith move in two raiders to try and disrupt the opponent’s resource production and slip their faster moving ship past enemy lines.

The Coalition player sits pretty in a well defended position and blasts the raiding ships with their dreadnaught and ground-based laser cannons:

The end result is a lot of dead Sylith but one of the Sylith raiding ships survives and will block all resource production on the enemy planet next turn.

That’s all we have time for this week, stay tuned next week to yet more sneak peak information!