Update June 3rd 2015

Update June 3rd 2015

Beta unveiling

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.16.35 PMOur Beta should be stable enough now for us to record video!

Stay tuned to video this Friday where I do “show and tell”; right here on this Blog.

Team rapid growth

In the last week we added many new people to the team.

  • Several new play testers and bug testers to our QA team.
  • Nina Park as our new Marketing Manager.
  • Roberto Casas as our new Marketing Strategist.
  • Joseph Rintoul as our new Designer.
  • Sam Watson as our new Audio Producer / Sound Designer.

3D modeling of ships

wip1This week we got all 3 of our 3D modelers to start working on ships: Leif, Raphael and Leonardo.

Here is a very rough quick render of a Coalition Frigate still being molded by Raphael.

Promotion updates

10414607_1586362111579759_8245868529155554108_nWe have a new podcast interview scheduled for this weekend with Reflective Riot, we will let you know when you can expect to hear the result of the interview.

Otherwise everything else is moving along smoothly, code continues to churn, art continues to be worked on, our video for our Kickstarter is being planned and story boarded and so forth.

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The more signups we get, the more confident we will be to start our Kickstarter campaign.

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