Update, June 17th 2015

Update, June 17th 2015

Video production

Our Kickstarter video recording went super well in LA. It was great to have a good number of our crew all together for the shoot! We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Beta1 Playtest ready

Beta1 officially became playtest ready and our playtest team is busy going at it. Meanwhile Chris and Omari started to tackle items on our Beta2 branch. At the moment it looks like Beta2 will be our Press preview version and Beta3 or 4 will be our summer-convention demo-ready version.

Beta2 will contain more cards, more modules, a redesign hand UI interface, improved graphics for the space sectors and pre-set maps that are competitively balanced.

Beta3 and 4 will contain further enhancements that allow players to learn the game and get tool tip help so that we can let people “teach themselves” the game by playing.

Audio tracks

We’ve been compiling a lot of prospect music over the last weeks. Our goal is to have an excellent sound track for the game ready by August. If all goes well we will also be offering the music as part of pledge goals on our Kickstarter as a digital downloadable album.

3D ship modeling continues

Coalition_Dreadnaught_ScreenCap_002 Coalition_Dreadnaught_Views_002

Ship-no-retaliateAbove you can see some models and videos showing off the process on our 3D ships for the game. We have the coalition Dreadnaught above, still untextured and shaded and below a video pan of a Coalition Frigate! Sylith ships are still underway. Once we have the small and larger version of all models in place the final step will be to make the modular components on them and to also composite them onto our Ship cards (see image right).

GalaCollider Logo

Our logo is now done, it is really simple but that is the point. The game is all about deep strategy and gameplay, with a great UI, presented in refined elegant minimalism… certainly a challenge! You can see the logo below, let us know what you think!

New homepage

We are also working on a new homepage design, which will eventually become the entire website’s new look. Here is a sneak peak into what the homepage will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.59.58 PM

Otherwise a ton of planning and networking is going on right now behind the scenes with our rapidly growing PR team (about 9 people all together!) — sadly though PR teams don’t make beautiful artwork, so there isn’t much I can share other than to let you know we will be at GenCon and PAX Prime this year in July/August. We are just waiting to find out about booths and space to confirm our presence there “officially”.

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