Meet The Team – Omari Straker


Role: QA Test Manager & Programmer

About: Software tester by trade but game developer by passion. I’ve gained testing experience in the healthcare software field, but now I look to apply my bug finding mastery to GalaCollider. I’ve mostly done small pet projects in GameMaker and Unity, through SJSU’s game dev club and the global game jam. My ultimate goal is to keep on designing and developing games until I can’t think of another game to bring to life!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: My favorite thing about GalaCollider is the overall flavor of the game. It really captures the sci-fi element of a space battle, with the utilization of resources to build, sending ships out to colonize planets and battle enemy ships, and achieving victory by overpowering your opponent. To me it combines the deck management present in deck building and trading card games, the resource management of popular RTS games like Starcraft, and the strategic placement of units I’ve seen in games like Advance Wars, which is one of my favorite video game series.

What inspires you?: I’m inspired mostly by characters. Whether real or fictional, characters have a way of breathing life into any story and really making it feel unique. They are the backbone to any universe, as no great story has ever been told without great characters. The best thing about them is how they affect the real people that invest in these characters. A character can become immortalized just by being interesting and popular, even years after their creator is long gone. Characters inspire me both as a designer and a consumer. I want to create characters that people will get excited to talk about, all while being introduced to new characters that I can fall in love with forever.

What is your current gaming obsession?: My current gaming obsession is Dungeon Fighter Online. It’s a Korean MMO that combines the classic arcade beat-em-up style with skill tree builds containing as much depth as your average RPG! I love this game because it took a genre that really lost its popularity after the 90s and modernized it with a style more fitting to this generation of games.

But to be honest I love almost every game I’ve ever played! My motto has always been: If it’s a game, I’ll play it.

You can play some of Omari’s games here.