Meet The Team – Joseph Rintoul


Role: Designer

About: Game Artist with over 8 years of experience producing art and assets for indie developers, including concept art, visual development, user interfaces and animations. I also have a strong interest in the art of game design and user experience. A recent title I’ve worked on is Puubas “The Weaponographist”, in which I was in charge of menus, characters, FX animation, and UI.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love the combination of two of my favorite genres. I grew up on the Microprose 4x games of old (Master of Orion 1-2, Master of Magic, etc) and I’m very excited to have deck-building thrown into that mix. I think the near limitless amount of strategy you can have with card and deck builders will keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for a long time.

What inspires you?: For me, it’s the idea that with the right tools and a lot of work, a dedicated group of individuals can make the game that they want to make, and have millions of people experience it with the click of a button. I draw a lot of inspiration from the work done by the fledgeling studios of the 80’s and 90’s, who with a small group of people, created the foundation of gaming as we know it.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Right now, it’s city builders (Banished, Skylines) and the Souls series. I also love any kind of game with co-op, and I can’t help but fall back into Master of Orion II once every 5-6 months.

Learn more about Joseph here:

Building Star Ships

This week in our regular video-replay reveal we go into building Space Ships. You’ll need to decide strategically where to best place them on the map. Take out or contest enemy star docks in order to block your opponent’s ability to build their own ships.

Visit our channel to subscribe. Join us next week as we dive deeper into tactical ship-to-ship battles!

Update June 24th, 2015

Beta progress

beta1_22Beta1 is now done and off to be play-tested. Beta2 is being worked on next. We are aiming for Beta2 to be ready before end of July. Beta2 will be the version we will then use to demo the game to press, potential endorsers, youtubers, twitchers and future designers we want to hire and bring into our team. It is also the version we will be using to record our Kickstarter video.

Beta2 features:

The main features we are adding in Beta2 include:

  • Preset balanced 1v1 maps with various terrain and planets for 3 different sizes
  • Improved hand-UI and targeting system, to make playing and targeting cards even more intuitive
  • Improved tech-pool (sideboard) graphics and UI
  • Larger demo decks with about one to two dozen new cards to play with

Beyond Beta2

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.01.21 PMAfter Beta2 we will still have one more revision to make before the Kickstarter, which will be Beta3. The main goal of Beta3 will be to add some additional tool tips / help screens to help people play without someone coaching them. Beta3 will be the version we use at gaming conventions and should be the final one before we go off to get funded!

Hiring needs

Our loving NeoCrux Ltd. family has now grown to 25 people on the core team, and another two to three dozen contributing artists, musicians and play-testers.

But we still need a few more people to help us… Our biggest need right now is for a couple additional QA TESTERS. Do you want to get an early view of the game? Do you have experience doing QA testing with bug tracking tools? And do you have at least 10 hours a week to help us with testing?

If so, please contact us today.

Kickstarter Planning

We still don’t have a final date for Kickstarter, but we are tentatively aiming now for mid to end of August to start our campaign. If we need more time however we could make this be September instead. We will know a lot more by mid to end July!

Music progress

Sam Watson, who is in charge of our audio production and sound design, has been collecting a long list of prospect music for the game, by the end of this week we should be contacting musicians to ask if they want to be a part of our project. The end result will be a sound track we hope to have compiled together that will play with our game. If the stars align we also plan on having the game’s audio track available on our kickstarter!


For now I can already tell you we are working with Erik Peabody from Viking Guitar. He has been kind enough to work on some custom ambient tracks for us in the vibe of Asteroid fields and Nebula clouds.

3D modeling progress

The ships in our game continued to make good progress, below are some of the renders for the Sylith Cruiser, Coalition Dreadnaught and the Coalition Frigate in our battle-scene. The last image is the draft version of the Sylith Dreadnaught. A floating mega city with a giant tree in a glass dome:

update-3.2 Coalition_Dreadnaught_Views_003 Coalition_Frigate_lowpolytests1


Kickstarter Video

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.09.54 AMEditing on the Kickstarter video continued this week. Lorcan has been busy working on our galaxy collisions. We’ve also pulled together further material for use in the video, you can see some stills of the animations below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.31.19 AM

Meet The Team – Omari Straker


Role: QA Test Manager & Programmer

About: Software tester by trade but game developer by passion. I’ve gained testing experience in the healthcare software field, but now I look to apply my bug finding mastery to GalaCollider. I’ve mostly done small pet projects in GameMaker and Unity, through SJSU’s game dev club and the global game jam. My ultimate goal is to keep on designing and developing games until I can’t think of another game to bring to life!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: My favorite thing about GalaCollider is the overall flavor of the game. It really captures the sci-fi element of a space battle, with the utilization of resources to build, sending ships out to colonize planets and battle enemy ships, and achieving victory by overpowering your opponent. To me it combines the deck management present in deck building and trading card games, the resource management of popular RTS games like Starcraft, and the strategic placement of units I’ve seen in games like Advance Wars, which is one of my favorite video game series.

What inspires you?: I’m inspired mostly by characters. Whether real or fictional, characters have a way of breathing life into any story and really making it feel unique. They are the backbone to any universe, as no great story has ever been told without great characters. The best thing about them is how they affect the real people that invest in these characters. A character can become immortalized just by being interesting and popular, even years after their creator is long gone. Characters inspire me both as a designer and a consumer. I want to create characters that people will get excited to talk about, all while being introduced to new characters that I can fall in love with forever.

What is your current gaming obsession?: My current gaming obsession is Dungeon Fighter Online. It’s a Korean MMO that combines the classic arcade beat-em-up style with skill tree builds containing as much depth as your average RPG! I love this game because it took a genre that really lost its popularity after the 90s and modernized it with a style more fitting to this generation of games.

But to be honest I love almost every game I’ve ever played! My motto has always been: If it’s a game, I’ll play it.

You can play some of Omari’s games here.

Update, June 17th 2015

Video production

Our Kickstarter video recording went super well in LA. It was great to have a good number of our crew all together for the shoot! We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Beta1 Playtest ready

Beta1 officially became playtest ready and our playtest team is busy going at it. Meanwhile Chris and Omari started to tackle items on our Beta2 branch. At the moment it looks like Beta2 will be our Press preview version and Beta3 or 4 will be our summer-convention demo-ready version.

Beta2 will contain more cards, more modules, a redesign hand UI interface, improved graphics for the space sectors and pre-set maps that are competitively balanced.

Beta3 and 4 will contain further enhancements that allow players to learn the game and get tool tip help so that we can let people “teach themselves” the game by playing.

Audio tracks

We’ve been compiling a lot of prospect music over the last weeks. Our goal is to have an excellent sound track for the game ready by August. If all goes well we will also be offering the music as part of pledge goals on our Kickstarter as a digital downloadable album.

3D ship modeling continues

Coalition_Dreadnaught_ScreenCap_002 Coalition_Dreadnaught_Views_002

Ship-no-retaliateAbove you can see some models and videos showing off the process on our 3D ships for the game. We have the coalition Dreadnaught above, still untextured and shaded and below a video pan of a Coalition Frigate! Sylith ships are still underway. Once we have the small and larger version of all models in place the final step will be to make the modular components on them and to also composite them onto our Ship cards (see image right).

GalaCollider Logo

Our logo is now done, it is really simple but that is the point. The game is all about deep strategy and gameplay, with a great UI, presented in refined elegant minimalism… certainly a challenge! You can see the logo below, let us know what you think!

New homepage

We are also working on a new homepage design, which will eventually become the entire website’s new look. Here is a sneak peak into what the homepage will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.59.58 PM

Otherwise a ton of planning and networking is going on right now behind the scenes with our rapidly growing PR team (about 9 people all together!) — sadly though PR teams don’t make beautiful artwork, so there isn’t much I can share other than to let you know we will be at GenCon and PAX Prime this year in July/August. We are just waiting to find out about booths and space to confirm our presence there “officially”.

Thanks for reading! If you want to know more about when we are going to Kickstarter, plus get exclusive offers, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter.

Meet The Team – Nina Park


Name: Nina Park

Role: Marketing Manager

About: Nina Park is a project manager who specializes in Kickstarters. She’s successfully Kickstarted 2 games so far: Grow: The Organic Building Game and Fujian Trader. While she graduated with a degree in the development and art side of games, she eventually found herself working with small, indie startups in a marketing and production role.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I’m really excited that player actions can influence the storyline of the game. In that sense, it reminds me a bit of Eve Online. I never had the spare time to properly get into Eve, but with GalaCollider, there’s less of a time commitment and less of a learning curve which makes it perfect for my lifestyle and gaming tastes.

What inspires you?: Pretty cheesy, but my life experiences. I’m very much a fan of Neil Gaiman’s “Make good art” motto where whatever happens to you, take that and make it into art. I find it interesting and challenging to gather up what I’ve experienced and translate that into a game.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I tend to follow and play a lot of indie games, and right now I’m really into rogue-likes. My Steam account has so many hours logged into Eldritch, Risk of Rain, and Nuclear Throne

Learn more about Nina:

Update, June 10th 2015

Reflective Riot interview

10414607_1586362111579759_8245868529155554108_nWe had a team interview about our game this weekend and it just went up today with Reflective Riot. On the interview you will hear creative writer Amy Ballinger, lead programmer Chris Kirby, and creative director Sebastian Chedal.


Intro animation progress

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.44.42 PMLorcan continued to work on our intro animation this week. You can see here some stills from our story board and the first animatic.

3D Sector assets

We now have a vast array of planetoids and asteroids for our game which will hold us up nicely until our Kickstarter campaign. Here is an image showing some of them.

3D ships

Work on the 3D ships by our 3-musketeer team continued. Here are some images of the different ships in progress.



Beta progress

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.43.13 PMOur Beta1 build is nearly stable and ready for playtesting, which means work on Beta2 will begin shortly within a week or so. Beta2 will nearly double the deck size and add many more options to the techpool for people to play with.

We will also be re-doing our hand-UI interface to be more intuitive in Beta2. If you are watching our YouTube videos on Friday, you will see each week more of our game in a series of interlinking short videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss them!

Meet The Team – Danielle Merrithew


Name: Danielle (Dani) Merrithew

Role: Quality Assurance Tester

About: I am a Game Designer, 2D artist and a Quality Assurance Tester. I live, breathe and sleep video games! I have loved games ever since I was a child. For me, games filled a void in my life and helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life. I have always been interested in art, and while I was in school, I would always sketch random things I thought would be cool as games!

I currently work for a small company as a 2D artist/ User Interface designer and work on mobile games and apps. I also work as a volunteer Game Designer for a non-profit organization to create educational games for children.
In my spare time I like to draw, design and sew Cosplay, watch anime and play games with friends.

For GalaCollider, I am focusing on Quality Assurance and ensuring the overall gameplay experience is awesome! ☺

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: My favorite thing about GalaCollider would probably be how interactive the world is. It doesn’t just feel like a card game- you actually interact with the environment and move your units like an RTS. I love how well the two genres blended together!

What inspires you?: Meeting people such as the people on this team. People who have a vision and can properly execute it and those who are confident and believe in themselves!

Creative people, whether it be an artist, Cosplayer, designer- their creativity inspires me and drives me to continuously keep working on projects.

Games are also a huge impact and inspiration on my life. They have saved me in many different ways. Japanese Culture is another huge inspiration and most of my games and art have been heavily influenced by different Japanese art styles.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Heroes of the storm, I have been really into MOBAS in the past few years, but ever since I played the Alpha of Heroes I was hooked! I also play a lot of RPG’s – Ori and the blind forest is one of the more recent ones I absolutely loved. Hearthstone, especially now that it’s on android phones.

The game that started my passion for gaming was Devil May Cry 3. I played it with my dad when I was 12 and my father and I bonded over it. To this day it’s my absolute favorite game and I’ve replayed it about 5 times since then.

Check out my website to see other projects I’ve worked on:

First video recording of early-Beta

Hello Gala fans. Today we unveil our new YouTube channel and our first gameplay video.

We plan on doing a lot of these, but first the basics.

In this video you will learn that this is a 4X game driven by an expandable card game. You will also learn that there are 3 main ways to win and what our resource icons represent.

Update June 3rd 2015

Beta unveiling

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.16.35 PMOur Beta should be stable enough now for us to record video!

Stay tuned to video this Friday where I do “show and tell”; right here on this Blog.

Team rapid growth

In the last week we added many new people to the team.

  • Several new play testers and bug testers to our QA team.
  • Nina Park as our new Marketing Manager.
  • Roberto Casas as our new Marketing Strategist.
  • Joseph Rintoul as our new Designer.
  • Sam Watson as our new Audio Producer / Sound Designer.

3D modeling of ships

wip1This week we got all 3 of our 3D modelers to start working on ships: Leif, Raphael and Leonardo.

Here is a very rough quick render of a Coalition Frigate still being molded by Raphael.

Promotion updates

10414607_1586362111579759_8245868529155554108_nWe have a new podcast interview scheduled for this weekend with Reflective Riot, we will let you know when you can expect to hear the result of the interview.

Otherwise everything else is moving along smoothly, code continues to churn, art continues to be worked on, our video for our Kickstarter is being planned and story boarded and so forth.

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