update, May 13th 2015

update, May 13th 2015

Website has a forum up

The forum is up, but notably still. We realize our forum will probably will take off once there are demo videos and a product before things take off. But if you have suggestions or ideas for how we could already get conversation going, let us know! Don’t be shy.

Design updates

Various quick thumbnail sketches of Sylith corsairs. By Leonardo Peñaranda.

We’ve started work on our logo, we now have 3 people working in the 3d team and we’ve added several new people to the project over the last week, including new concept and licensing artists. We’ve now also shifted some budget around to focus on getting some nice motion graphics for our kickstarter video, which we will also double-purpose to be the intro credits for our game.

The game’s UI itself has also been progressing. For the last months I’ve been filling in as the designer on the project because our previous Art Director left us (we are looking for a new art director to join us BTW). It’s not ideal because I’m already working in many other areas, but so far it’s been working out (we hope you will agree!).

Here are some of the various screen variations I’ve been working on towards getting our entire UI designed and ready for final cohesion check and eventual implementation: (note that these are still not final and considered draft versions, major things could still change from what you see below)

Gala_Mainscreen_about_to_play_pick_target Gala_Mainscreen_mini_info_panels_v6 Gala_Mainscreen_mid_zoom Gala_Mainscreen_start


Facebook growth continuing towards our 1,000 likes soft-target with around 300 likes currently, which is great and we hope it keeps growing like this. Our Website is now getting peaks of 2,000 hits a day, which is nearly double from two weeks ago. We also have another podcast interview coming up later this month…

That said we still need more help getting the word out. More podcast interviews but also some bloggers would be wonderful. Someone out there in the vast space known as earth must have a blog and want to write about us…? Maybe it is you?

We also had a meeting in this last week about the rate at which we are posting to our facebook and twitter and we decided to slow things down until the kickstarter is closer and the date more final, we don’t want to overload our facebook and twitter pages with posts when each post itself is not getting a lot of likes and comments on it yet.

Once that starts to happen, or the kickstarter is on fire, we will ramp back up again to previous levels. This little change will let us refocus some energy on other things that need doing. We will still aim to blog at the same pace though, since people are clearly reading it!

Recent AMA results

We had our recent AMA on reddit. We really enjoyed having one and seeing how it worked, and the responses we got. The turn out was good, but not as high as we would have liked and so we will probably wait not to do another AMA right before or around our kickstarter.


We are currently looking for the following people:

  • QA Testers, preferably with Unity3D experience and/or previous bug testing experience
  • PR, networking. Do you have a strong grasp of various related online communities to our game? Examples: digital; 4X games, digital or physical collectible card games, FFG LCG™ games or RTS games like StarCraft™?
  • Unity 3D programmer
  • Art Director
  • Audio Production / Audio Producer

Any of these speak to you and think you are qualified? Send us a resume or weblink.

Next reveal?

Join us Friday May 15th for a new reveal, this time we will most likely go into the deck construction and deck building facets of the game.