Progress update, May 6th 2015

Progress update, May 6th 2015

Interview up!

Hi folks, our interview with Indiehaven is up and available from their website. Come take a listen and hopefully you will learn more about our game!

AMA date: May 9th

You listened to our podcast and have now many questions, or maybe you didn’t and that’s why you have questions… either way it doesn’t mater because we will have our AMA on this website and on on May 9th 2015 at 11:30AM PDT.

Please come and join us!

New website features?

Oh man, we are soooo close to the new features being turned on on this website, but alas still not there. It has to be up before the 9th! So it’s a mater of days now. Sparkly new forum area will appear with some other improvements.

Factions revealed

If you missed it we now have both of our core factions revealed on this blog with some concept art. The two relevant posts were Sylith revealed and Coalition revealed.

3D modeling in full swing

We’ve been busy creating a multitude of different 3D planets, asteroids and other celestial phenomena for the game map. The lighting isn’t final, the planets here are a transparent when they won’t be in the game, and their sizes might be a little too large, but I swear they still should give you a good impression of where we are going!

Team update

Introducing David Logan, experienced Producer, Game Designer and CEO / Co-Founder of Night light interactive. David released the multi-award winning game Whispering Willows and we are thrilled to have him join our team as Art Producer.

We’ve also added Rafael Morais as a 3D modeler / VFX to our team. He is working on various planets, asteroids and nebula. Some of his planets he’s made for us, you can see here in this news update (above).

Hiring update

Our biggest need right now is for bug testing. Do you have experience creating rigorous test plans and executing them? If you have Unity3D skills that is a big bonus. We are also looking for someone who has Cinema4D experience as a Design-assistant and someone who can do composites in Unity3D with asset collections to check resolution and performance. Any of these things sound like you? Let us know.


Otherwise another great week of progress in all areas, see you Friday with our next reveal!

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