Meet the Team – Trevor Worrall

Meet The Team Mondays – Play-test coordinator, Meta and Game Balance Controller, Trevor Worrall

Name: Trevor Worrall

Role: Play-test coordinator, Meta and Game Balance Controller.

About: I’ve been interested in card games since I was a kid in middle school thanks to the pokemon trading card game. Back then, I didn’t really know the rules but still managed to have fun playing with my friends. As I got older, I got more competitive minded about the card games I played and grew a fondness for knowing a game’s rules extremely well. I started to play the Yugioh tcg competitively in high school and managed to qualify for the Canadian national championship event which was a blast to play! This gave me a taste for high level play that I wouldn’t be able to shake in the future. Now an adult, I focus on playing all the digital card games because I don’t have as much time to frequent hobby shops. That hasn’t stopped me from continuing to be competitive, however, as I’ve played tons of Magic the Gathering online, Solforge, Hearthstone, and Might and Magic: Duel of Champions on the pc. I even spent a few years on the design team of a digital card game by the name of Shadow Era. When I was approached to help with GalaCollider, I knew this was a golden opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love that GalaCollider is doing something different. A lot of card games unfairly get called “clones” of existing card games but that is very hard to do with GalaCollider. This is because it blends multiple existing genres into one giving you a new and fresh experience. I’m always excited for new experiences!

what inspires you? I’m always inspired to try out new things. I tend to sample lots of different activities so that I can find new hobbies to enjoy as well as just learn new things. The initial feeling of joy you get when you find something new to love is great!

What is your current gaming obsession?: I’m very much obsessed with card games in general, but if I had to pick one game I would say my current gaming obsession is poker. Surprisingly, the skills you pick up playing traditional card games like Magic the Gathering actually apply to poker quite well. The two actually aren’t all that different. In particular, Poker helps you train your mind to think in terms of odds and percentages and these lessons can be applied to every TCG you play as well. Did I mention I love learning?