Meet The Team – Chris Kirby

Name: Chris Kirby

Role: Lead Programmer

About: Games industry veteran of over 22 years. I got my break in the industry by making all the cheats for a device called Game Genie for Genesis & SNES . I then started working for Iguana Entertainment and did the Nba Jam conversations for game gear and Playstation, then worked at Reflections software on the Destruction Derby series. I then setup my own company with some friends , The Pitbull Syndicate where we wrote Test Drive 4,5,6 overdrive Demolition Racer, Big Air, L.A Rush and Wheelman. I left the industry for 5 years ( opened a pet store???) but was dragged back in and has been working freelance since 2008 on pro foosball, billabong surf trip, zombie cat madness plus many many more games.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? : This is a new genre of game for me which is what attracted my attention. This means I need to learn new things and think of things in a different way. Plus working with Lorcan on the amazing UI is something I’m looking forward to. And I enjoy my chats with Seb even though I have no idea how he can type over IM so fast! (honestly its amazing)

What inspires you? : I do love being part of the Indie games scene, I’ve been part of  supermassive teams and although it’s fun smaller teams are even better! I do love the VR movement and was a very very early Kickstarter backer for Oculus. ( so maybe I’ll make a VR version of gala in my own time!!)

What is your current gaming obsession?: I’m hopeless at playing games…there’s many of my own games that I cannot complete without using cheats etc. Though this could be my age. Last game I was good at was Yie Ar Kung Fu in the arcades.  Thought of another one, I remember being quite good at Battlefield 1942 (32 man multipler over LAN was fantastic!)