Seeking community manager

Seeking community manager

We are looking still for many people to add to our team, but I thought I would highlight the community manager / promotions / public relations position today specifically. We are now about 4 months away from completing our Alpha and about 6 months away from our kickstarter. We’ve learned and know that a successful kickstarter is in part dependent on having enough interested followers to support it.

March marks the beginning of us starting to really share what we are working on. We’ve begun to spoil some of our UI designs and our most recent test-party results post went into changes we will be implementing in our game play. Over the next weeks we will show more and more.

Ultimately we are building this game for you, we want it to be a wonderful world you enjoy exploring and will continue to enjoy for years to come. GalaCollider is going to be a game where we not only listen to the community (balance, development suggestions, card design) but where community and personal results actually influence and shape the unfolding story.

We are looking for someone to help speak on our behalf to the community at large, and get the word out. “Friendly, empathic, engaging and plugged in” would be some keywords that come to mind.

Contact us if you think you might be that person.


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