Card artwork: draft version revealed

Card artwork: draft version revealed

Greetings, today we share with you some of our card-art in progress along with some of our first licensed pieces by Cloud Quinot. These cards are not final-final so there could still be some big changes made to them (and the cards themselves may change or even be replaced while we do testing!). There are many different types of cards in the game, below we are sharing a first template for Developments (Planetary Structures).

We can’t wait to show other card templates, like Spaceships! But those will have to wait a little longer because the artwork that goes on them is directly linked to the 3D models that will go in the game, and our 3D modeling work is not as far along as our illustrations are.

If you want to learn more about this game, check out our general info page.

Development: Mech-Tech

Planetary Development card. Artwork by Cloud Quinot.

This development is tech-level 2 which, you can tell by the fact it has two yellow stripes on the bottom-left of the card. It costs various resources to play, which are the numbers on the top-left edge. On the lower half of the card we read that it improves your military power on all your friendly sectors (makes them harder to be invaded) and increases the victory point value of the sector where it is built by 2 (the yellow hex number on the lower-left).

The double-blue numbers indicate its structural value: how much beating it can take from being bombed by enemies, before it is destroyed. The top-right of the card is a placeholder where our alien race’s icon will go, to indicate which faction this is from.




Development: Shipyard

Draft shipyard. Artwork by Darkcloud.
Another Development card. Artwork by Cloud Quinot.

In contrast this card is tech-level 1 because it has only one yellow stripe on the bottom-left. The cost to play it is higher but only in one resource. On the bottom we can see that building it on a world will not only give me 2 victory points but also increase that planet’s military standing force by 1 (the red fist in the bottom left).

The card text is simple but significant: this sector now has the capability of producing ships. Unlike the Mech-Tech research production facility, the Shipyard has a lower structural value of 2 instead of 4 and is more vulnerable to enemy attacks.







What do you think of our card templates? Do you like how they look? Are there changes you would make to them to improve their appearance?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you!


Photo credit: Copyright NeoCrux Ltd. All rights reserved.