Shaping the story

Shaping the story

So the last time I posted about the back-story I focused on the conditions that could lead to a 4X scenario: cataclysmic events, empires collapsing, war, titanic galaxies colliding. I tossed this concept towards Amy Ballinger (Creative Writer) and in the process a much more refined and compelling story is taking hold.

Instead of transporting ourselves to unknown corners of the universe, our game is going to take place here; well almost here. See we are going forward ~4 billion years in time. What will this place be like then? Well two important things will have happened:

  1. Earth will no longer be habitable because our sun will have burned it away from expanding in its old age, and
  2. The Andromeda galaxy will be in full-collision with our Milky-Way.

48d8782c-54d8-4d74-986a-1035233659b8_972This creates a really interesting premise for a story. In the future we are painting, humanity has expanded outwards from our solar system to colonize new planets, and on each of them we have evolved and become isolated from each other in the process. “Earth” is forgotten, the remnants of a myth among our various genetic evolutionary offspring.

Galactic collisions span millions of years, with systems changing position ever so slowly but surely in the process. Andromeda brings with it, however, more than just disturbance: Andromeda is more importantly a galaxy inhabited by other alien factions. The Andromeda collision “encounter” is where our story begins.

New Designer

A new designer is going to join our crew and – nearly final – discussions are still in progress with 3D modeling talent as well as dozens of other candidates for various positions (from concept art, to card art to production and more). I will certainly share more here soon!

Test party

taste-testThis weekend we will be holding an in-person test party in LA. It will be a chance for investors, friends and enthusiasts to play our early Alpha and to give us feedback. Chris and I have been working on the coding+testing of the game to ensure it is ready for them; we will have a solid portion of the game itself coded in time for the event; you can be sure I will post back here what people thought and if anything in particular needs improving!