First Game UI Spoilers

First Game UI Spoilers

From this point forward we will really start to show you more and more of our art and information about the actual game. March marks the beginning of this slow reveal process. Lorcan, one of our UI designers has been working on our 3D space-interface, below are samples of his work:

Space UI

Our Space UI has 3 zoom levels: far, medium and close. The far zoom is the “galactic” level, where you can see the entire map in one go. The “sector” zoom is halfway zoomed in to let you see a subset of space with several stars/planets and the “battle” zoom is where you observe and command on a tactical level.

We want the galactic level to feel big, you can see your local cluster area, or even potentially an entire galaxy:

Conversely we want our battles to feel like you are peering over a table with miniatures floating over a planet, firing at each other. Each ship has a variable height from the board, your ships are on the left-bottom side and the opponent’s are on the top-right of the screen.

The middle-zoom level, which we are calling the Sector zoom still needs a little bit of work before we share it so I’m leaving it off of this post.

Our cards and the game’s UI interface are also very close to being at a stage where I can post them up for you to ponder over too, so you can probably expect those up in the near future!

PS For those wondering, the test-results from our recent test-party will go up on our blog shortly as a separate posting!