Creative hiring process begins

Creative hiring process begins

With funding secured to build up our game for a kickstarter we moved our attention towards all of the necessary creative components we would require for the game. Our game needs quite a large creative team to make it happen, some of the roles we knew we would need included:

  • Art Direction
  • Interface / UX design
  • Card template design
  • Logo design
  • Logo animations (cinematics)
  • Icons
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animations
  • Sound design and composition
  • Character illustration (Concept artwork)

And anywhere from a half a dozen to a dozen or more contributing artists of various technical and creative styles.

I started by compiling a very large spreadsheet with different artists in it, I was mainly looking for someone to start of with who could work on the game’s UI. We want a minimum viable product and getting the game itself to look as good as possible is a part of that.

I spent many dozens of hours looking at portfolios. I think there is a lot of pressure here around the recruiting process, picking the right people will make it or break it. We want our game to be amazing, and that means finding stars in the sky you can hire, but still afford with your limited budget…

As it turned out I actually found quality artists who had more of a TV and film background first, before I was able to secure the right fit for a UI artist. Out of several such artists I narrowed the list down to two candidates, interviewed both and eventually settled on Lorcan O’Shanahan:


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.20.00 PM


Rob, Chris and I all really appreciated his experience on major TV and Film projects and thought that his quality of work would make for a great fit on our planetary UI interface.

Lorcan was added to the project sometime around November and has been creating various cinematic animations and 3D concept models for the UI ever since. We can’t wait to show you some of his work a bit closer to our kickstarter because it is really looking phenomenal!

With Lorcan on-board one puzzle piece was completed but I still needed to find someone now to work on the general UI and all of the other game screen components. The hunt continued onwards to build that perfect star-team.