Art, Finding Direction

Art, Finding Direction

Lorcan was working on the 3D interface and Chris was completing our first Alpha build in parallel. I still had a giant list of prospect artists but none had worked out thus far as a hire to fill in the supporting game UI needs, I wasn’t getting any luck. I found some artists who were clearly talented but would need close guidance, or there were language barriers, or they were not responsive enough or…

Like anything that takes time to resolve, you learn along the way. What came to the surface was that I really needed to find someone who could be our next right-arm on the project. The design area of this project is quite a large undertaking with a substantial team. The right person was not only going to be a stylistic match with Lorcan, but was also going to be someone with whom I could chat/talk easily while being able to set forth an over-arching style in place. If the stars aligned I’d find someone with Art Direction skills who could help to off-load eventually some of the work I would otherwise be doing while coordinating the specific details across our growing creative team.

I had been using Behance, Deviant and Shadowness heavily but started to feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Not much came up from using Indie gamer forums and websites. I knew there were some great artists on Dribbble but their search features were limited unless you became a premium member. I checked the price for the membership, was about $20 for the year and decided it might be worth it. So I slid my virtual credit card and got the portfolios of about 30 artists common to Southern and Northern California that matched my keywords.

From this new pool of candidates I found an artist by the name of Drew Hoffman who seemed to fit the bill. He had strong UI examples that looked like they could make a good fit with Lorcan’s work, and had experience in Art Direction too. Drew seemed interested in the game we were developing, we had a few calls over the course of a couple weeks and right before Christmas 2014 he was hired and brought on board as our 3rd Contractor / Contributor.

One of the first activities Drew undertook was setting up a mood board for the game’s style and artistic elements. I’ll leave you with these two links to our Pinterest boards:

GalaCollider inspirationsScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.07.06 PM

GalaCollider Geometry