Two steps forward, lightning strikes back

Two steps forward, lightning strikes back

Miroslav was our game’s sole C# Unity programmer at the time, this is now around June of 2014. Before starting the work Miroslav acknowledged that he didn’t have experience making a game of this level of complexity but he assured us he was capable of doing it. To be sure things were going well, I wanted another more experienced developer to review the current code. Miroslav himself also expressed that he would appreciate us adding a more senior person to the team, so that he could ask questions and get guidance.

Rob did a bunch of pre-screening and narrowed it down to about 3 developers. Then out of the blue a guy name Chris Kirby applied to review Miroslav’s code and just blew out of the water (with his extensive experience) everyone else that we had been considering.

At pretty much the same time we were finalizing everything with Chris, Miroslav disapeared, missed a delivery goal and couldn’t be reached for days.

He then finally resurfaced to tell me that lightning(!) had struck his house and fried his computer, router, phone and more.

Too much of anything, in this case Electricity, is a bad thing.

Miroslav expressed to me that this set back was huge and that he wasn’t sure anymore if he could continue to freelance on our project. After some consideration and discussion I offered to advance payment to Miroslav to help him buy new hardware. He refused this. Miroslav informed me that he may be available again in a few weeks/months but he was uncertain.

Chris was added to the GIT repository and performed his initial code audit of the work that Miroslav had done. By the time Miroslav contacted me again we had completed not only the code audit but assigned to Chris the task of refactoring and furthering the development of the game. Miroslav’s last communication to us was to tell us that he would no longer be available.

It was sad to lose Miroslav, but Rob and I were both incredibly happy with the work quality and awesome character of Chris.

Planning and serious development for Alpha-1, the first release of GalaCollider now began.